Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ka Winky Dinky We've Struck Wallidinks

Yes sir, the rage of 1958, the One Eyed, One Horned, Flyin Purple People Eater. A song that kick started a radio station in Louisville, WAKY. 24 hours non stop, it was played. I'm sure people were sick of hearing it. The artist was Sheb Wooley who recorded many a song, but none clicked like that one with all America. Later he would record under the name Ben Colder, and score a few more hits such as "Almost Persuaded #2 and "Harper Valley (Later That Same Day) in the mid 60's". But ka winky dink, here's one you may not know about, the "Who Who Wallidinks". It was a follow up in the vein as "Purple People Eater". But the catch is, they live in the ground and don't fall fall from the sky. And this song stayed buried for many a year, until now. But by golly, "Do the kids go surfing in their baggy shorts and do you go into orbit as we've heard report ?"

The Highway To Heaven

Just follow the King of Country Music Roy Acuffs plan and you'll make it to Heaven. Ol Roy knows his stuff. You treat yourself to the best oil, get plenty of water, and the best gasoline you can find. Keep the brakes tuned, watch the tires and let Jesus take the wheel. Then you'll make it to Heaven on high. Thanks Roy.