Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Possibly The Worst Duo Ever ?

For your listening, or non listening pleasure, I present to you the Thompson Brothers, Harry & Larry. According to the back of the album, "This Thompson Brothers album is the result of the funniest recording session ever produced in Nashville. This hilarious event occurred one October night in 1977 in Laurel Tree Studios". The only thing funny is, you can't understand them !. Plus obviously, low and broke on funds, one of them plays, what they call a "Comodian". That's what I said a "Comodian". Taken straight from the outhouse, the toilet seat now plunks a different type of music. I've searched the world wide web over and can find no trace of them or any information on them on the internet. Maybe that's a good thing. So here they are the Thompson Brothers as seen on Hee Haw !. By the way that's their only claim to fame !.

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