Monday, April 11, 2011

Do The "Lurch"

Oh those crazy 60's.  A dance a minute, "The Twist" "The Frug", "The Mashed Potato", and the "Lurch". That's right the "Lurch". Ted Cassidy, famous of the "Addams Family" as their faithful servant had his own dance.

Ridiculous right ?, See ad for Billboard Magazine October 9th, 1965

Ted also performed how to do the "Lurch" on "Shivaree" Lets all watch

"The Lurch" was backed with "Wesley". This was Ted actually doing a great recitation as himself. Heres a
clip of him performing that on "Hollywood A Go Go"

As far as I have researched, Ted never did a full LP, just this 45. Ted outside of the "Addams Family" was a voice over man. From Wikipedia... Cassidy began doing character voices on a recurring basis for the Hanna-Barbera Studios, culminating in the role of Frankenstein Jr. in Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles series.

He was the voice of the hero in the Chuck Menville pixillated short film "Blaze Glory (1969)" in which his already deep voice was enhanced with a deep reverb & echo to give the character an exaggerated super-hero sound. Cassidy also voiced Ben Grimm aka The Thing in the 1978 animated Fantastic Four.

Cassidy went on to perform the roars and growls for Godzilla in the 1979 cartoon series that Hanna Barbera co-produced with Toho. His was the basis for the sinister voice of Black Manta, as well as Brainiac and several others on Super Friends.

Cassidy also narrated the opening of the TV series The Incredible Hulk and he also provided the Hulk's growls and roars.

Sadly, Cassidy was a giant of a man 6 foot 9, to be exact, and due to his large size, had some health issues. He suffered from those issues as he grew older, and died at the age of 46 from complications following open-heart surgery.

Fellow actor Sandra Martinez assisted and took care of him during his final years. Cassidy's remains were cremated, and later buried in the backyard of his Woodland Hills home.

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