Thursday, April 7, 2011

Don't We All Wish We Could Put The Hearse In Reverse

What a great title...really. Makes for a great country song. Written by D. Clements - R. Baston - L. Cole and sung by a former Iowa DJ, Billy Cole.

Billy Cole was born in a place called Short Track, NY, his career in country radio covered a long track in that it encompassed 40 years when he retired in April, 2000. Launching his impressive run in the medium at Greenland Air Force Base in Sondestrom, Greenland.

Cole then went on to serve as air personality and music director at WMMB, Melbourn, FL (1961); WBTA, Batavia, NY (1962); WHDL, Olean, NY (1962); WHHG, Hornell, NY (1963); KSOP, Salt Lake City, UT (1963-1964); KAOH, Duluth, MN (1964-1965); KTCR Minneapolis, MN (1965-1967);

KANO Anoka, MN (1967-1968); KFRM Wichita, KS (1968-1969); WENO Madison, TN (1969); WSM Nashville, TN (1969-1971); WHO Des Moines, IA (1972-1977); KDLS Perry, IA (1978); KYNN Omaha, NE (1979-1980); KSO Des Moines, IA (1981-1986); WHO Des Moines, IA (1987-1989); KXLQ Indianola, IA (1990-1994); KMGO Centerville, IA (1995-2000).

Through the years, Cole served as the national voice for major clients such as Roto-Rooter, Massey-Ferguson, Pioneer Seed, John Deere and International Harvester. As a country singer, he recorded for Chart, Mega, Volunteer and Twin Town Records where he was produced by Pete Drake and Waylon Jennings.

As a songwriter, his songs have been recorded by Stonewall Jackson, Webb Pierce and W. B. Stokely. During the mid-70’s, Cole hosted the “Country Call-In” show from WHO in Des Moines which played host to numerous country greats.

His charitable undertakings were concentrated toward the “Kids With a Wish” Foundation, which he helped fund for years with his Labor Day Weekend Softball Charity Tournament and his bluegrass concerts at the fairgrounds in Winterset, IA.

Inducted into the Country Music Disc Jockey Hall of Fame in 2002, Billy Cole was a classical example of the phrase he used to end his show with each day, “The best way to have friends is to be one yourself.”
Billy passed away March 8, 2007.

So let's all hear and put the
"Hearse In Reverse"

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