Thursday, April 21, 2011

In The Middle Of This Mill Lives One Heck Of A Mouse

Sometimes there are songs that are huge hits, that get parodied. Sometimes, one, two or three different parodies occur. In 1960, there was no bigger song than "Big Bad John".

It was hotter than a two dollar pistol, you might say. One of my favorite parody versions of this song was by Ben Colder, the staggering alias of Sheb Wooley. "Big Sweet John", was a minor hit for Wooley, err, Colder, Scuse Me.

This parody version, takes on a female slant as "Big Bad Jane" and is sung by the Four Saints. The four who ?. That's right, you haven't heard of them as well.

Well, here's what I found on them...  On May 17, 1961, after completing four years as a special unit with the United States Air Force Band. The Four Saints made their first professional appearance on the Ruth Lyons 50-50 Club show, WLW-TV, Cincinatti.

Ruth Lyons, amazed at their tremendous versatility and talent, stated then: "Positively great! There is no place for you to go but UP!".

The Four Saints play 26 instruments, vocalize in fine faction and provide yocks aplenty with their clowning antics.

"Yocks aplenty ?". If "Big Bad Jane" is suppose to deliver yocks, well it didn't.  Mouse 1, "Big Bad Jane" 0

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  1. This reminds me of the time i worked in a factory,and the manager of the Dept. i worked was called Jane.